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Google Photos review

In the past, every time my device got infected by a virus or got lost, I would lose all my images because I had not backed them up. I had the Google Photos app on my device, but I did not know how useful it was. Now when I know that I can protect my images with this app, I never worry about losing my pictures.


This app for all Android devices and iOS products has a very user-friendly interface. One of the things I like about the interface is that it is extremely gorgeous; it has very vibrant colors, and it is very well-organized. Apart from this, I also like the placement of the ‘add’ feature and drop-down menu at the top-left that gives you access to all the different features like Assistant, Collections, and the app settings. I would rate this leading App Store and Google Play App for image backup at 5/5 based on its interface.

Features and Tools 

Google Photos is truly a necessity that every single person ought to have installed on their device. This Android mobile and iOS app is very useful for protecting your images and videos. It is designed to automatically back up all image files in your library to the cloud. This feature ensures you still have your images even when you lose your device or it gets damaged. The other reason why this app is useful is the fact that it syncs with all your devices that have this app installed. This includes iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Android phones. This Google Android and iOS application also organizes your images by date to make it easy for you to locate the image you want. It also has some minimal editing features that make it possible for you to enhance your images if need be. I would rate this app’s features and tools at 4/5.


Google Photos has excellent performance, and it is very convenient app. Once you have set up this app to synchronize with your camera roll, you will not have to do anything else than get your videos and photos into the app. To get access to all your images on another device, all you will have to do is sign into your Google Photos account. It is that easy! I would rate this app’s usability at 5/5.


Google Photos is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Due to this, I would rate it at 5/5.


If you are looking for a great image and video backup for iOS and Android, Google Photos is the best choice. This app will help you backup all your images and videos and organize them for easy access. You will also be able to synchronize all your images in all the devices utilizing this app. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to protect their files. You can get the free download of this app on App Store or Google Play Store or download apk of the latest version on a safe apk site. You will be glad you made the decision to use this app on all your devices.


  • It’s not possible to alter auto-generated collages
  • Minimal editing
  • Requires frequent updates


  • Easy to use
  • Quick sharing
  • Auto-syncing among all your devices

Design 5

Key Functions 5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 5

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