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Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a horror adventure multiplayer game about a group of kids who sneak out to the Neighbor’s house, hoping to save their friend locked in the basement. You may download Secret Neighbor on Windows from Steam Store. The Secret Neighbor game was created by Hologryph and released in 2019.

Graphics 5/5

Graphics are one of the most attractive features that must be mentioned in Secret Neighbor review in the first place. Secret Neighbor horror survival game offers the incredibly attractive design of the Neighbor’s house, a new outfit for characters, and vivid color palette. Even the Neighbor is not that scary. Unlike many horror games, this one does not make your heart stop from fear. Instead, it plays with your nerves, making you doubt every step you make. The soundtrack perfectly matches the picture. Secret Neighbor Windows game has multiple seasonal updates with creative decorations you may find adorable, while still a little bit creepy.

Gameplay 5/5

Unlike Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor full game does not tell you a well-developed and mysterious story. It offers you a rescue mission with multiple options and things that can go wrong. You can play with your friends, however, you don’t know whether your friend behind your back is not an evil Neighbor in disguise. Unlike the previous part of the series, Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor online game allows you to kill characters if you play as a Neighbor.

The Secret Neighbor gameplay is deeply connected to Hello Neighbor. The action takes place between the 1st and the 2nd acts of Hello Neighbor. Nicky, the main character is trapped in the basement and you have to go rescue him with your friends. One of you receives the role of Neighbor, whose main goal is to get you away from his house. The main goal of children is to find all the keys and unlock the basement.

Controls 4/5

Secret Neighbor system requirements are perfect for any laptop or other gadget on the Windows platform. It still requires high-quality Internet with enormous speed. At the same time, with an old computer, or bad Internet, you will not be able to match fast moves with the command center of the game, and it will freeze from time to time. It can freeze even if you see the Neighbor comes after you.

Replay Value 5/5

There are numerous tasks for you in the Secret Neighbor game. It is evergreen. You can play as a kid or as a neighbor. No matter what role you have, you still need to perform mini-quests, like gathering the keys around the house or setting traps and making all the kids doubtful about their choices.

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Once you download Secret Neighbor on your PC, you can become a hero who rescues his friend from the evil Neighbor, or you can turn into an evil Neighbor who wants to protect his house from the team of young rascals. Secret Neighbor game is fun and easy to follow. It offers you unforgettable adventures in a colorful house filled with weird things. The game is multiplayer, and you can play with your friends on the team.


  • Outstanding graphics
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Perfect sound and picture match
  • You can play as a Neighbor
  • Evergreen gameplay


  • Freezes from time to time
  • It is not free

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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