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Grand Theft Auto V review

The most expensive game in history - Grand Theft Auto V - saw the light of day and fell into the hands of loyal fans, whose patience was finally rewarded. In Grand Theft Auto V, the concept of an open world was remade. The game world is vast, beautiful, and diverse. This is a satirical view of modern southern California. With all its mountains and the ocean, boutiques in shopping centers, and dirty streets.

Graphics 5/5

Once on the streets of Los Santos, every second you can not stop wondering at the beauty and elaboration of the world around. The warm and rich streets of the metropolis are filled with lively people. Convertible rides in the sunshine off the coast create an incredible summer atmosphere. The opportunity to engage in active leisure activities is another huge plus of the new part. Here and extreme skydiving, and triathlon, and tennis, and golf, and even yoga! 

Gameplay 5/5

GTA V is a new chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe. As in GTA: San Andreas, the game will take place in the city of Los Santos (a copy of Los Angeles), as well as the beaches and countryside. The plot of the game is twisted around the same thirst for profit, no matter which way. For the first time in the series, you will be offered three characters at once (Michael, Trevor, and Franklin). The presentation of the plot and the structure of the tasks have completely changed. When the characters are not on a mission, you can freely switch between them and peep at what they are doing. 

Controls 5/5

GTA V can be customized even for weak computers. If you are the owner of “medium PC”, then it will be enough for you to lower the texture, set extremely minimal smoothing, and choose shadows more suitable for you.

Replay Value 5/5

The plotline of Grand Theft Auto 5 once again sets an unattainable bar for other applicants for the throne of the “great car thief” - incredibly elaborated characters, amazing dialogs, and fascinating events drag the player. As you progress, more than once, you have to catch yourself thinking that it is this mission that you must go through again! Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition, available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, includes Grand Theft Auto V story mode.

The Bottom Line

Grand Theft Auto V is just a great game. Over time, the game will be slightly corrected, bugs will be removed, and many other details will be fixed. The game is full of life, and it’s like real, all the characters in the game are incredibly chic, and each game detail is amazing! It’s just worth recognizing that GTA V is a great game that made a splash in the gaming industry. But more importantly, the long-awaited port on the PC is already available for purchase! 


Grand Theft Auto V is the best game of this series in all senses and concepts. Everything is fine here: from plot to multiplayer, from characters to graphics.


  • Lack of premium items and currency
  • Free DLC
  • A wide variety of modes and freedom of action.


  • Endless grind
  • Only three main characters.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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