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Among Us review

Among Us is a social deduction game about the team of Crewmates who explore the space and their enemies Impostors. While Crewmates have to work in space, their rivals have to kill Crewmates. This is a Mafia-inspired multiplayer game that takes place in space. You can download Among Us on both mobile platforms, Windows, Nintendo, or Xbox. The game was created by Innersloth Company in 2018.

Graphics 4/5

Since this is the most honest and possibly just slightly subjective Among Us review, let’s agree that the graphics could have been better. There is definitely a charm in the creative approach that Innersloth developers decided to use, making all the costumes so bright and fun. Yet, the surroundings lack many details. The landscapes are not well-developed, despite the fact that there are not 1, but 3 maps for exploring. You may enjoy walking around the spaceship, the main headquarter, or the unknown planet. However, the graphics perfectly match the sound. Among Us game offers a wide range of colors and incredibly interesting gameplay.

Gameplay 5/5

Among Us social deduction game requires your total attention. Players are randomly chosen to become either Crewmates or Impostors. Among Us gameplay offers various mini-games for Crewmates, who have to play them during the day. They receive the schedule and have to follow it. At the same time, Impostors receive the fake schedule so they can pretend to be one of the Crewmates and get closer to them. Once Impostor is in one empty room with a Crewmate, this is the best time for killing. Killed Crewmate is turned into the Ghost. The goal of Crewmate to find the Impostor and tell others before it is too late.

Controls 5/5

Among Us game was created for a company of friends who want to stay in touch and have fun while they are far from each other. Among Us full game originally appeared on mobile platforms before it came on Windows. The controls are still incredibly comfortable and simple to learn. You can concentrate on searching for the Impostors or following Crewmates. The interface is crystal clear. There is a giant button in the right lower corner that allows you to report Impostor or kill a Crewmate.

Replay Value 5/5

Among Us Android and iOS original versions had only one map. Now it has three with numerous attractions and mini-games you will like to play. The game is evergreen. You can play with different friends, pick different platforms, explore all three maps, and be either Impostor or Crewmate. Like an Impostor, you can try different methods of killing.

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After you download Among Us you can invite all your friends to join you in this game. It randomly gives you the role you play, and you have to follow it. You win if you reach your goal, find out who the Impostor is, or kill Crewmates, depending on the task.


  • Well-developed gameplay
  • Wide range of mini-games
  • Three maps to explore
  • Ability to play both sides
  • Simple controls


  • Graphics could be more advanced
  • Like an Impostor, you have to kill your friends.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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