Twitter Might Add New Emoji Reactions

Many users are unhappy with the limited set of reactions Twitter currently has. The company tries to resolve this situation and, according to the spokesman, is looking for new ways in which readers can express themselves. It is known that this issue is still at the research stage.

To understand the wishes and requirements of users more accurately, the company conducted a full-scale survey. In particular, several sets of emojis and options for basic reactions were proposed for voting. So, you could choose which emoji you think best reflects certain emotions and moods, like “support” or “awesome.”

Besides, one of the most important issues was the problem of positive and negative reactions to tweets. The developers are concerned about how much negative reactions can affect an author, and for which purposes readers plan to use such emojis. On the one hand, it is a useful innovation that will help you get rid of inappropriate tweets. On the other hand, it can lead to the fact that users will stop posting anything at all.

A huge layer of complex questions is hidden behind such a simple update as emoji reactions. Twitter cannot completely abandon them since all major services like YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook have used them for long. Simultaneously, the company is trying to comprehensively assess the need for new emojis and make them suitable for most users.

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