The Recently Launched Apple iOS 14.0.1: Yay or Nay?

Apple iOS 14.0.1 has been launched. Who is it for? What’s good in it for me? Have the bugs really been fixed? Should I upgrade? If you’re asking yourself all these questions and more, we’re here to elaborate on this issue in detail. Below, you will find a brief overview of this latest bug-fix update, our verdict on the should-you-upgrade topic, along with everything you need to know about it. Enjoy. 

The new update is available for every iOS 13-compatible gadget. It should start automatically. If it doesn’t, you can launch it manually by heading to Settings, then General, and then Software Update. iOS is reported to have arrived with camera preview upgrades, Wi-Fi connectivity fixes, email sending improvements, and other fixes.

iOS 14

While the update comes with a solid promise of some really important fixes (and a few users do report certain improvements), a lot of iOS enthusiasts have already confirmed that iOS 14.0.1 only makes things worse. That’s especially true when it comes to the horrible graphical glitches noticed in widgets, as well as search bugs and stability issues.

With all that said, iOS 14.0.1 looks like a haste-makes-waste update and a step (or two) backward. A lot of users are currently reporting that all the fixes the update comes with are nothing to write home about and totally ineffective. We predict iOS 14.0.2 will follow this current update shortly. Meanwhile, we’d suggest you keep away from iOS 14.0.1.

Perhaps, you’ve already upgraded to iOS 14.0.1? If you have, what are your thoughts on the update? What fixes have you noticed? Any bugs or glitches that you’ve encountered? Feel free to share your opinion with your fellow iOS enthusiasts in the comment section below. Your two cents are highly appreciated. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our website to come back for more breaking news in the mobile realm.

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