Slack's Got New Feature

Almost six months have passed since the announcement of Connect DM. Now, there's a new feature in the Slack app that allows all users to send private (direct) messages to almost anyone. If earlier it was possible only within your company, now you can write to any partners and clients. The pandemic and the transition to many companies' remote work influenced the decision to implement this feature.

Slack has been working hard on the Slack Connect option since last year, and the new DMs are a part of that. This innovation aimed to reduce the number of emails and even replace them in communication between companies. With it, you can collect up to 20 organizations in one channel. The functionality of Connect DM is controversial. If your position involves working with several suppliers or branches of an enterprise, it can be really convenient. However, it can also turn your corporate messenger into a mess.

Fortunately, some settings allow you to adjust the situation depending on the specifics of a particular organization's work. An administrator can completely disable Connect DM, restrict its use to prevent receiving messages from unverified clients, and allow its use. With the latest update, you can integrate Slack with convenient services such as DocuSign, Calendly, and CrossBeam.

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