New Together Mode In Microsoft Teams: What We Know About It

Microsoft for teams has become one of the largest players on the market of p2p video calls for businesses and enterprises during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft Teams Meeting is now a staple of collaboration which, as it turns out, is a double-edged sword. On the one side, meeting with your colleagues has never been simpler. Grab a laptop, log in, and chat from the comfort of your couch. 

Alas, this concept only sounds neat on paper. In reality, a conversation with more than 5 people at the same time is a test of endurance. How can you keep your thoughts in focus when there are several faces looking at you, or into a corner, or following a mysterious fly on the wall, all while being surrounded by varying environments?

The Acknowledgment

Talking to faces in squares is as confusing as performing in the middle of Times Square for people without prior experience. The guys from Microsoft seem to acknowledge this fact as they’ve rolled out the together mode feature (a little too late, if you ask me, as a lot of people have quit the app in favor of alternatives at this point).

What’s the Together Mode, You Ask?

If you’ve ever followed a Twitch or YouTube streamer, you probably know the gist. If put simply, the mode creates a shared environment for everyone who is joining the call. The algorithm takes one’s image, blurs the native background, and adds something of its own, like a shared call room, an office space, or a lecture hall. 

This approach is surprisingly beneficial to networking and collaboration, as proven by brain activity studies, Microsoft’s research proves that the new together mode helps people engage more in a conversation while making them more comfortable and, as a result, much more happy after hanging out with coworkers. 

What About the Business Side?

Teams is a tool for collaboration. As such, it should offer more than a nice place to meet with people in a digital space as there are such mechanics as presentations, screen sharing, and content updates involved. 

The new Together mode takes care of that as well by offering the Dynamic view. The mode offers more control over both the content you share and the participants you share said content with. The mode allows you to select specific people and see them side by side with a presentation you share.

In addition to that, there are such features as:

  • Video filters
  • Lighting level tweaks
  • Emojis
  • Cat bubbles
  • PowerPoint Live (coming soon)

In simpler words, the new mode packs a mighty punch, and maybe, just maybe, it is enough to get back those of you who have opted to move from Teams to the plethora of alternative solutions. 

What’s It Going to Be? 

Feel free to download Microsoft teams and share your experience with the new modes of Microsoft Teams meetings here. Do you prefer the Together mode or the Dynamic view? We are looking to hear from you! 


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