Microsoft Ditches Mobile Cortana

Too many mobile assistants, do we really need another one? So they must have been thinking in Microsoft when they decided to shut down Cortana, its voice assistant similar to Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. The decision was articulated back in summer 2020; as for April 2021, the mobile Cortana has been shut down. The apps have been removed from Google Play and Apple App Store.
If you have your app installed, you will be able to make use of it for some time. Mobile lists and reminders you have created through Microsoft To-Do are not available through Cortana, though – only through the apps you used to create them. If you insist on talking to Cortana, on a Windows 10-operated PC you still can do it.

Cortana is not shutting down completely. It remains on Windows 10, and it’s getting further updates and improvements. But its focus is now being shifted from an omnipotent pocket assistant to a rather modest voice interface for Microsoft 365 apps and services. This decision seems logical, as Microsoft does not run its own mobile platform anymore, and the existing ones have their own superior assistants. Well, Microsoft ruled by Satya Nadella has learned to admit its failures and focus on its strengths.


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