Do Facebook Algorithms Distort Your Feed View? Not Anymore!

The way your feed is formed is among the most controversial things about Facebook. While its algorithms have long been rumored to select the news that you respond to the most (and come ads among them), now Facebook decides to change that for those willing.
The new features will let you easier switch to non-algorithmic feed view which shows the posts by your friends and followed ones just chronologically. If you want, you can exclude page updates and focus on personal pages; this can save you hours of scrolling. Even more: you can select your favorites whose new statuses will appear first. This is done through the Feed Filter Bar with the tools you need to personalize your feed.

Another bunch of options lets you adjust who can view and comment your posts. Now these groups can be adjusted separately. For example, you can make the post open, but only members of a certain group (your colleagues, your family, etc.) can comment it. This will probably be popular among confirmed celebrities, but not only.

Facebook mobile apps will be updates soon, both on Android and iOS. As usual, the update will roll out during weeks, so the last ones will be able to read reviews and comments from those who have tried it first.

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