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Productivity Apps with Gamification: Boost Your Performance Gamification of boring corporate projects and tasks (read as turning them into games) aids you in boosting your achievement score and taking your performance to the next level. Gamification and productivity often go hand in hand, especially in this new working from home era. Read on to learn more on the topic and enjoy the perks of this new powerful knowledge. 5 Best Mobile Apps: Gamification & Productivity The rules of gamification are straightforward: you approach your work as a game, stimulate yourself to deal with it fast without compromising on quality, and enjoy bolstering your efficiency. In this post, we’ll share our list of the 5 best gamification productivity apps available in 2020. 1. Forest: a Joyful Escape From Your Smartphone Obsessed with your phone to the point of it distracting you from focusing on your work on a regular basis? Make the most of the Forest app today and bolster your time management skills while maintaining a laser-like focus on your current tasks. By using this app, you will learn to be less dependent on your smartphone, manage your time effectively, and have fun along the way. 2. Do It Now: Classic RPG-Like Task Planner While using this gamification productivity app, you’re going to need to create a virtual copy of yourself, make a list of your must-complete tasks, and proceed by coping with them in real life. The ‘gameplay’ unravels based on your work-like-a-champ actions. Upon each completed task, you get to further customize your character’s abilities and level up. Once you’re through with your to-do list, you get some really nice rewards. 3. MindSnacks: Enhance Your Language Learning Efficiency Packed with a mix of brain games, gamification, and top-notch lesson plans, this app transforms language learning from a tedious task into a fun and productive activity. Catering to mobile users of all ages, the application allows you to choose the language you need among the abundant selection of seven options. The app is smart and is intended to help you focus on the stuff you’re currently struggling with. 4. SuperBetter: Achieve Goals & Tackle Obstacles This wonderful app was created to aid its users in overcoming depression, apathy, and coping with a loss. SuperBetter excels in teaching you to maintain an upbeat attitude and build resilience no matter what. Via this app, you get to have a blast experiencing its multiple adventures, as well as fighting with your hardships (presented in the visual form of negative characters). Fun and therapeutic! 5. EpicWin: Your Go-To Gamified Task Tracker This awesome RPG-ish gamification app was created to add an element of a game to your to-do lists and monotonous, repetitive tasks. While using it, you create your character and level it up by boosting stats and gaining coins while completing your pre-set real-life tasks. The app allows you to set up reminders, schedule repeated chores, and add the ‘someday’ status to the most challenging projects. Your Best Gamification Productivity App: iPhone- or Android-Friendly? Playing comes so easy to us human beings. That’s not exactly the case when it comes to working. With that in mind, why not combine the two processes to boost your productivity! They say it’s really effective. So, what about you? Have you already tried gamification-fueled productivity apps? If you have, which ones do you fancy the most? Get the discussion going and share your thoughts on the topic in the comment box below. We greatly appreciate any kind of feedback.   Continue Reading Choose the Best VPN App 2020: Our Top 5 List Revealed Want to get as close to safe and anonymous web surfing as possible? You need a good VPN application. VPN stands for ‘virtual private network.’ It’s represented by a variety of applications that excel in encrypting your Internet use and tricking your gadget into thinking it’s, says, in Paris instead of Berlin. In this post, we will dwell upon some of the best VPN apps available in 2020. Enjoy. Best VPN 2020: Go With the Winner Even if you’re used to trusting your fellow humans (a strategy well worth reconsidering), you still shouldn’t completely rely on your Internet service provider. The thing is, in the US, your internet service provider knows all about your online activities (yep, even if you delete your browser history on a regular basis). Don’t you think you deserve a little privacy, especially taking into account that you’re paying top dollar for using their services? If you do, stick with one of the VPN apps listed below. 1. HotspotShield VPN & Wi-Fi Proxy Ready to enjoy unblocking any portal and making the most of your web surfing freedom? Run Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy through its paces today. With this top-notch and super speedy VPN service that effectively hides your real IP from everyone, accessing your favorite websites safely and anonymously is a breeze! 2. Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN If you’re on the hunt for a trusted security app from a reliable brand, Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN is your best bet. With this application, you will succeed in protecting your gadget from malicious hackers, as well as easily mask your IPas, block the annoying pop-up ads, and search the World Wide Web more anonymously. 3. CyberGhost VPN & Wi-Fi Proxy With this amazing app, you will enjoy protected privacy when surfing the net on your iOS-powered gadget. CyberGhost VPN & Wi-Fi Proxy automatically encrypts your connection as you log on to a public Wi-Fi network, hides your browsing activity like a pro, and secures your data in one single tap. This feature-packed and fast VPN service anonymizes your online movements in a truly reliable way. 4. Surfshark VPN: Best Bang for Your Buck If you’re seeking a high-quality (AND affordable) VPN service for streaming, torrenting, and generally taking care of your privacy, Surfshark is your perfect choice. With its unlimited simultaneous connections, a strict no-logs policy, and super responsive live chat support, this nearly free VPN app is a true game-changer for security perfectionists! 5. ExpressVPN: Unblocks Netflix & More This fast and secure across-all-devices network is great at unblocking almost anything that can be unblocked. This highly intuitive app supports torrents and is a breeze to make the best of. It boasts over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, strong encryption, top-level browser extensions, and an audit-confirmed no-logging policy. A true beast in the niche. Ready to Choose the Best VPN App for You? Keeping your online privacy intact is paramount. The apps listed above are sure to help you with this oftentimes challenging task. What are your thoughts on the topic? Perhaps, you’ve already found your all-time-favorite VPN app for streaming and torrenting? You’re welcome to share your opinion and recommendations in the comment box below. Speak up and get the discussion going.   Continue Reading 5 Best Apps for Schedules & Appointments Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner? Then your life is pretty hectic, that’s a given. If you want to keep tabs on your multiple appointments, projects, endless to-do lists, family affairs, and other repetitive stuff you manually deal with on a regular basis, opt for a top-notch app for scheduling to keep all of your commitments automated and, i.e., perfectly organized. In this post, we’ll let you in on 5 best appointment scheduling apps that are sure to make your life easier and let you switch from minor chores to what’s really important — the success of your business. Choose the Best Apps for Scheduling & Booking If you spend a huge chunk of your day writing similar emails, perhaps you should reconsider your approach and switch to coordinating your business affairs? Tools like scheduling apps can go a long way in helping you automate your work process and keep track of all your responsibilities. We’ve sifted through tons of scheduling apps to compile the below best-of-the-best list for you. Enjoy. 1. HotSchedules: Best Daily Schedule App Android & iOS This online scheduler is definitely your best bet if you’re on the prowl for a fantastic work schedule app for employees. It’s fast, easy to get to grips with, and a breeze to use for back and forth communication with your team. Swapping, picking up, and releasing shifts with HotSchedules is a cakewalk for team members. Managers love how time-saving the tool is while enjoying its splendid capability to keep everyone in the company organized and connected. 2. Acuity Scheduling: User-Friendly & Highly Customizable Acuity Scheduling is a convenient iOS- and Android-friendly scheduling tool via which your customers can easily access real-time availability and then book their appointments based on this data. With its perfectly intuitive interface and impressive customization possibilities, the Acuity Scheduling app is sure to aid you in taking your scheduling to the next level and becoming a master of small business management. 3. Fast & Easy Access to Your Appointments If you’re a registered user who wants to quickly and easily (read as on the go) access their upcoming appointments, this application is just the ticket. The tool excels at catering to all service businesses — as long as they accept bookings on a time scheduled basis. That includes restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, healthcare organizations, etc. 4. Genbook: Your Go-To Mobile Scheduling App Feeling a bit tired of juggling calls, emails, social media messages, and all the scheduling stuff required for keeping your workflow on track? Looking to focus on boosting your business success instead of getting distracted on a regular basis? Genbook is the answer. This super-easy-to-use mobile app for scheduling will amaze you by the possibility to interact with clients automatically, without you having to personally send out emails, confirmations, special offers, etc. Such a time saver! 5. Appointlet: Your Free Mobile Scheduler Ready to manage your appointments with ease and speed? Run this awesome scheduling app through its paces. Great for businesses of all types and sizes, Appointlet will help you transform leads into customers by allowing them to connect with you right from your landing pages, emails, and sales funnels. Speeds up your sales for sure! Congrats! The Hard Part Is Over! If you’re here, it means you’ve already coped with the toughest stuff. You’ve grown a business, found your (potential) clients, and become the driving force behind your own company. You’re now ready to take your scheduling to the next level, stick with one of the apps from our selection above, and enjoy automating a huge part of your workflow. Perhaps, you’re already using a great scheduling app? Share your thoughts on it in the comment box below. Your opinion is important. Continue Reading