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Workday review

Workday is a convenient app for managers that allows you to manage tasks, control workers, and plan a day. Download Workday and never forget about important meetings again.

Features and Design

Workday apk is an app that makes your life as a manager much easier. The app has a variety of options, including tools to manage schedules and plan your time off, instruments for payments management, and so on. These features are neatly packed into a couple of menus, so it takes just a couple of taps to see an individual profile of your worker or check your inbox. While the design is rather bland, the interface is convenient enough to make this Workday app your go-to working instrument.

Task Management

The most prominent feature of the latest Workday version is its ability to help you manage the business and other tasks. Every administrative task you can think of is right there, and the app really helps you do all the business things quickly and with ease. You don’t have to install a couple of different apps anymore: this app is functional enough to replace them once and for all. The app also has a notification system to keep you informed about every important thing that requires your attention.

This Workday app allows you to switch between the most global issues like managing expenses of your team to small things like providing performance feedback to one of your colleagues. The app also has a built-in toolbox that allows you to create interactive dashboards and presentations, so there’s no need to use a separate video conferencing app to share work results or tasks with the rest of your team. The only real problem with the app is the amount of bugs and glitches – some options just stop working without any warning.


The Workday team claims security their number one priority, and that’s easily understandable. After all, it’s pretty normal for a business app to value its users’ data safety. However, this app seems to take it a little too far: you are forced to create complex passwords and change them frequently, even if you do not work with sensitive business information. This obsession with security becomes annoying soon, but there’s nothing you can do to make the app a bit less paranoid.

Who Will Use It

Workday is recommended for every manager that needs a reliable and free instrument for managing all of the day-to-day tasks. But this Workday review could be more positive if not for annoying bugs.

Bottom Line

Workday is pretty useful, but its paranoid security system and lots of annoying bugs make it not really comfortable to use. Still, you should download Workday if you need a free tool for managers.


  • Frequent bugs and crashes
  • Still needs some work
  • Annoying security


  • Useful features
  • Nice interface
  • Free and simple
  • Extremely safe

Design 8

Key Functions 5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 5

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