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Citrix Workspace review

Citrix Workspace is an app that allows you to create a common workspace for all of your devices. That means you can access other apps and documents using just your phone. Download Citrix Workspace to manage your files much more effectively.


While Citrix Workspace apk is considered a business app, its interface is quite simple and approachable even if you just want to use it for personal needs. The navigation system has been reworked recently, so browsing your devices and available apps is even easier now. You can also use a search option to find a particular file if you know its name – or look for documents directly. All in all, the app’s interface does not require too much time to get used to it, and it seems to become comfortable pretty soon.


This Citrix Workspace app (formerly known as Citrix Receiver) allows you to create a unified space for all of your devices at once. That gives you seamless access to all of your apps and documents from just one device of your choice. You can use your phone to access your PC remotely or run an app from your tablet with just a couple taps – and you don’t even need to have physical access to those devices. That’s great for business purposes, but there are lots of ways you can use it in everyday life.

It may be a little bit tricky to install Citrix Workspace since you have to sync all of your devices, and it have to be done manually sometimes. However, you can always look for a step-by-step guide online or just ask your IT department for help. Actually, you’re going to need their help more than you’d like to – the app has all kinds of annoying bugs that include connectivity errors, bugs and glitches that make you unable to use certain apps or access an entire device.

Smart Options

The functionality of this Android Citrix Workspace version isn’t limited to free access to your desktops or files. You can also use it share sensor information between apps and devices, creating interesting and useful combinations. For example, there is an option to use your phone accelerometer data to create 3D models on your PC or manage your screen brightness automatically depending on how dark it is around you.

Who Will Use It

The latest Citrix Workspace version is quite obviously targeted at business users. But the app is simple, very useful and completely free, so why can’t you use it for personal needs? There are also many ways you can play with various device combinations. So if you like such things, be sure to check it out after reading this Citrix Workspace review.


Relatively simple and extremely useful, Citrix Workspace could be even more useful if not for its bugs and glitches. Download Citrix Workspace and manage many devices at once.



  • Not for everyone
  • Many errors and bugs


  • Simple and useful
  • Free remote access
  • Secure and reliable

Design 5

Key Functions 5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 5

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