The best time management plan is the one that is made by professionals personally for you. We offer this service to our clients. Our experienced coach works with your schedule directly, searching for the faults in your daily schedule. Don’t worry, the procedure is painless (unless you start to regret your life choices that consumed all your productive hours). The coach easily fixes all the gaps and helps you to restore your good name in the business you do.

We offer different packages of time management plans, which include various levels of involvement with the coach and our team. There is a difference in the price as well. If you want something more specific that’s not on our list, just contact us.

Basic Package. It includes 1 consultation with our coach and further work with our team on creating the most productive schedule for you;

•​ Advanced Package includes 5 consultations with our coach, separate plans for your work and private life, constant support of our team;

•​ Golden Package includes an unlimited number of consultations with our coach until the work is done. You receive a personal schedule and the lessons on how to bring changes to your schedule in case you need it.

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