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Google Limits Spying Done by the Apps Starting this May, Android apps won’t be able to see which mobile applications you already have on your gadget. The only exception will be made for the vital technical requirements. Previously, every newly installed application utilized the permission QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES, which would let it see which apps and games you have. This type of info would allow developers to get your “psychological portrait” and learn about your interests. Now, only security applications, browsers, file managers and some other utilities will be able to get this permission. But even then, app-makers have to file the Declaration Form in the Play Console. At the moment, developers have 30 days to make changes, adapting to the new requirements. If that doesn’t happen, all incompliant apps will be removed from Google Play by May 5.  Google’s policy states that collecting info on the installed applications practically equals violating the user’s privacy. This info is sensitive and cannot be sold to a 3d party for advertising/marketing purposes. It is quite possible that more limitations will be rolled out soon, especially protecting user’s location and browsing history. Continue Reading A New MacBook Pro is on the Horizon As we’ve learned, the upcoming MacBook Pro will have 5 upgrades and, what’s especially vital, more ports.   Upgrade #1 — Display It is expected that the new MacBook Pro will have a mini-LED screen in contrast to previous models that were powered by liquid crystals. And that means two things. First, the new MacBook’s display will be brighter and more colorful. Whether you enjoy tiny visual details in games like PUBG or use the laptop for professional work in Photoshop — your experience will elevate. Second, a mini-LED screen needs less power. So, the battery of the gadget won’t deplete too fast. Besides, MacBook’s performance can be boosted without requiring a bigger accumulator. Plus, it’s rumored there will be two models: with 14- and 16-inch displays. (The latter may even be a gaming model). Upgrade #2 — Chip MacBook will feature a new chip. It will be dubbed M1 or M1X. It is expected to have 12 cores — 8 cores for performance and 4 efficiency cores. That means that more advanced soft — Adobe After Effects, Blender, CAD and so on — will work charmingly on the MacBook. Upgrade #3 — MagSafe MagSafe was discontinued in the past. But it will make a comeback with the new laptop. At the same time, the new model isn’t likely to feature the unpopular Touch Bar for good. Namely, MacRumors agrees on that. Upgrade #4 — Extra Ports It is rumored that the upcoming model will have more extra ports. Particularly, SD-card reader and HDMI ports will make a wonderful addition. And it’ll be possible if they actually sacrifice Touch Bar. Upgrade #5 — Flat-edged design It seems Apple will ditch the classic MacBook Pro design and switch to a more flat-edged version. Plus, there will be thinner bezels. And also, some analysts believe that Apple may integrate Face ID into the new laptop. Continue Reading